Camouflage a blackjack card counter

The real key to cheat the casino staff is to appear as if you were any other player here is some of the techniques usually used.

Dress appropriately according to the level of your bets. A ‘Whale’ will look like a prosperous person and not, as some say, “as an alternate on vacation.” If you go to a casino one day during the week, dress like a business person who is not going to work in the office. DO NOT dress like a tourist (a very effective disguise) if they see you again next week.

When you enter a casino, walk directly to a table where the dealer is shuffling the cards and sit down. Talk to the dealer, or at least say “hello”. If you’re playing with a minimum bet of $ 5, changed less than $ 100, but more than $ 40. Do not use terms like ‘red’ or ‘green’, ‘nickel’ or ‘quarters’. Call the chips with chips $ 5 or $ 25.

Do not order anything from the waiters around the casino, they are very slow and if the deck is bad you would be forced to play while waiting for the cocktail. So, ordered soft drinks at the bar (O’Doul’s, orange juice, or anything with the files) and bring it with you.

Try to always have a bet into the circle for the bets. Remember that only the counters think about how much to bet, gamblers only put something there. If you or bust in hand Blackjack, you bet your next bet and the dealer is playing his hand. With practice, your bet amount will be right, but there does not seem to think much as you do your bets.
Gamblers do not EVER leave a table after a win. If the count has dropped below -1, you continue to play the minimum bet until you lose a hand.
Hesitate before playing a hand ‘difficult’. Talking to the cards helps.

Occasionally, if you bet the minimum bet and the dealer shows an ace, you insurance. Do not ask for ‘even money‘, with gestures of pretend not to know how it works. This will slow in the future, the dealer during his visits to the insurance and give you more time to calculate the true count. It ‘good to do this insurance’ minimum ‘when a supervisor is looking at the table.
If you intend to make a bet for the dealer (something you should do sparingly), wait until the count is high and you have wagered a handsome sum. Placing a bet for the dealer in this situation seem to want to tell the dealer to help you win the hand.

Once or twice in each session, start a new shoe making a bet double or triple the minimum bet.
Do not try to change the proper basic strategy in order to disguise your knowledge several casino employees do not know which way is the correct way to play. In fact, proper basic strategy of a player they seem a nonsense – having to pull a 12 against a 2 or 3, or double A-7 vs. 4 is nonsense! (To them.)